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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 4, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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cases in the coming days. we talked to a a medical expert about how this is different. >> reporter: when you think of meningitis most people think of bacterial. that can be devastating, it can go through military recruits, college campuses this is caused by a fungus. it doesn't spread person to person. the only people who are at risk had the injections into the back. you can check with your doctor and see if the product you got was part of the recall. >> reporter: these are the mptoms of meningitis. bad headache, high fever, stiff neck pain. looking at a bright light will also cause you discomfort. nationwide the steriod was sent to 75 facilities in 23 states. >> i know you want more information on this it. what we have done, we are putting everything on, causes,
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risk factors, head to abc and click on the outbreak story right there on the home page slide show. >> weather wise looking at basically a warm day again with temperatures well above average. despite the clouds we have had a few hit and miss showers, temperatures around 80, high humidity levels, dew point up in the 60's. satellite radar trend showing a clearing situation. look at this. few showers earlier. then you can seat clouds starting to break from central maryland west. skies will clear effort eastern shore next. rest rough the evening 70s with slow clearing then through the overnight nothing more than a few clouds, mostly clear by daybreak tomorrow morning. you will love the friday forecast and why you may not love sunday so much. >> thank you. a baltimore county man in jail tonight facing kidnapping charges after he had a dispute with an employee.
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>> he thought the worker had cheated him. we are live with the details over scrap metal. >> reporter: we don't know if the supervisor thought he would be expected to make up what amounted to a four figure mistake but police say he wanted the responsible worker to pay for it. it appears he was willing to do almost anything necessary to get if even if it meant kidnapping him at gun point. scrap metal can be big business but police say a manager that thought the pay out was to big on a load made a big mistake when he tried to get an employee to pay up. >> the victim told officers that the suspect had accused him of over paying for a load of scrap metal that was brought into the plant and he demanded $2,000 back. >> reporter: according to police the 29-year-old was so mad approximate he continued demanding the money as he drove the employee to his home. he was not only the 23-year-old man's boss, he was also his landlord renting him out a room. bit time they arrived at the
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home things had come to a head. >> the suspect told the victim he to leave. when they arrived to the suspect's truck he then displayed a weapon and told the victim to call family to get the $2,000. >> reporter: two grand in cash to be exchanged for the 23-year- old captive at this exxon. the brother called police and they spotted the two men in the truck as this drove away from the location >> additional officers responding in to the area were able to locate the vehicle driving toward carroll. they stopped the vehicle, they arrested the suspect. found the victim unhurt in the backseat and they did recover a weapon from the car. >> reporter: he is being held at the detention center on kidnapping and assault charges. his initial bond is at $250,000. abc 2news. >> police say there could be more victims related to a separate series of kidnapping cases. two men are in custody investigators say they picked
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victims off the street. one of them was a 17-year-old girl told detectives she was forced in to the backseat of the car, after getting off a bus. now in each of the three cases police say the victims were robbed at gun point and the kidnappings were very similar. if you have information about them call the police. >> cases like this are scary for many of us. researchers are working with technology to make sure if you get taken police can find you as soon as possible. we report about sciencists who developed an app for that. >> reporter: when you need to call 911 you do on the phone -- you go to this app and touch the buton and this window opens up. >> reporter: right now anyone on the college park campus who has an i-phone or android smart
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phone can take advantage of the new technology. >> the moment you touch the call buton it calls out and a video starts streaming to the [inaudible]. >> reporter: then a dispatch erin side the police station can watch in realtime a live audio and video stream on a computer screen and talk back to the caller. >> the idea is that you press a buton, you can transmit video, location, other pieces of information directly to a public safety answering point. a 911 center. >> reporter: up and running since february it's a great stool for improving public safety andself awareness on campus. >> i think it's great. like there is the lue lights all over campus that let you call in to the police, from the central location. this is great for when you
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aren't near one of those or when you are uncomfortable you don't have to go out of your way to them. >> makes me feel a lot safer knowing it's an option. >> effectively anybody with a smart phone who has this app on the smart phone becomes an i- eyes and ears for the police. it's a significant change or shift. >> reporter: in college park. abc 2news. >> the app is being always enhanced and upgraded. >> great idea. that's greats. you think you know a restaurant is safe but wow feel better if they had a posted grade to make you nowitzki? that's what the baltimore city council wants to find out. they took part on a bill that could bring grades to the restaurants in the city. some owners don't like the idea
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brandon scott said the good operators shouldn't be worried. >> they have nothing to worry about. we have places along that corridor that have been closed down several times and that aren't the cleanest but the average citizen doesn't know that because there is no way for them to know what is going on. >> reporter: and the measure would ask that the health department to start posting inspections online. >> it was the most tweeted political event in history. last night the first debate focused on the economy. the president tried to keep focus on the benefits of the affordable health care and romney's tax care but romney attacked the president for being partisan and not doing enough to close the deficit. >> the format lent itself to one or the other candidates, he took that opportunity. he set the standard. i think the -- i didn't think the president was rusty as much as i don't think anybody talked to him like that over the last four years. >> the next debate is scheduled for october 16th in new york and the third is at
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the end of the month. next week the vice president candidates returns. we will take you live to washington to see what's being done to make sure romney gets more votes. that brings us to tonight's hot topic. kitchen aid, responsible for the color mixers and appliances, are under fire. a wyatt was sent last night from the company's official twitter account during the debate reading obama's gna even now it was going to be bad. she died three days before he became president. he described the death during a debate answer. the wyatt as since been taken down but they haven't offered any explanation. . we want to know what you think. do you think they need to do more about this? just go to the website. let us know.
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friends, facebook friends are you only gets a few thumbs up for what you post? >> maybe it's time to promote yourself more. what facebook is offering. > are you sniffling? it may not be a cold. what doctors say are the real signs of fall allergies. >> and another fire in fell's point. how people are picking up the pieces today.
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. it's the awesome orange pep rally. we are here with wonderful prizes to give away. we will talk to him. drink specials and of course the wonderful food here at buffalo wild wings. we will give out great prizes, come on down until 8:00. tonight is the orange pep rally. ashley black is the gm. the orange pep rally.
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buffalo wild wings, the garrison forest shopping center. it's still here. we have the signs going. go orioles. . in tonight's health alert another red flag is being raised over the chemical bpa. it's used to make hard plastics and dental items. most of us have it in our body but the fda banned it in baby bottles. now a study find it's can change pregnant women and newborn boys thyroid levels. when the baby boys level was
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higher apparently the levels went up. researchers worry that even small changes in the function could change the behavior and development of young children. you know as it gets colder we tend to get more cold and sniffles. there may be another reason to have the congestion and cough. it could be fall allergies. >> reporter: when the leaves turn and fall to the ground allergies can make a come back. >> mostly you will see ragweed. that's the biggest one that comes out. in the spring more of the pollen, grasses, molds. >> reporter: it's easy to mace take fall allergies for a cold. >> you will have congestion, coughing, sneezing, you know some of the ways you can tell is if you have a fever, it's probably a cold. allergies don't normally have a fever. colds last about anywhere from
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three days to ten days where allergies may last weeks to months. >> reporter: with the kids back in school beinexposed to more germs it can be double trouble. >> kids can have colds, they can last up to two weeks, they can be coughing but may also have allergies as well. >> reporter: in they don't get better with over-the-counter made it's may be time to see the doctor. >> a lost people get relief but when they aren't helping i would come in and see a doctor, there are other alternatives. >> reporter: the season normally ends with the winter's first frost. if you want the latest news you can like the facebook fan page. just do a search for her. right there on facebook. october is breast cancer awareness month and we want to remind you of the 20th race for the cure. we are back in hunt valley sunday october 21st.
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for more information on the race just head to the news. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's start you off with a look at radar. all sweeps continuing to show clear. the few showers we had early today, gone. done deal. we are dry now. take a look at conditions, 79 degrees with the dew point at 61, so, still fairly humid but you can seat sun starting to breakthrough. just a little bit out there. let's take a look at weather in motion as you see here on abc2, the weatherbug network. showing fog, the view across the river from the tidewater marin. >> couple of passing showers, conditions clearing out. dundock. late in the loop as we get toward the latter part of the day. sun breakthrough. key bridge on the horizon and chesapeake bay. a little bit of early fog and
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cloud cover. now improving weather across the state. we will clear from west to east. you are watching, you will see skies clearing just a little later than with the rest of the state. wind conditions right now are northwesterly. at least in the western half of maryland. still a southerly breeze. that's the frontal boundary. behind that, clearing sykes, and a cooler, dryer breeze. we can se across can the state the high humidity, still across the chesapeake and eastern shore. dryer air already out toward the west. this will make it feel comfortable. you can see the steady line of clearing weather from west to east. sykes beginning to clear out. that's going to make for beautiful weather as dryer air settles in. it won't be cooler. though it's a cool frontal boundary it's just a dry front with dryer air and with the sun tomorrow that's going to allow it to warm back up into the 80's. it's the dry shot of air, the
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first of two different frontal boundaries, this secondary shot will really drop temperatures, it'll bring the winds up saturday and then as this front punches in on sunday we are looking for cooler weather. in the meantime dry, sunny, beautiful weather between the two, on friday. then as we go from friday further into time as we push toward saturday that front will be knocking on the door. maybe a couple of showers around here late saturday into early sunday. the big news will be at rival of true fall area round here. a tough time getting out of the 50s, maybe not even out of the mid50 he on sunday. a huge drop from friday to sunday. the 15th named storm of the year in the atlantic basin. oscar getting better developed. deep coninvestigation around the center. this storm not making a lot of progress across the atlantic. as far as the threat to the
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coast it looks minimal from oscar. tonight 57, mostly clear as we get cooler out there. we will go with 80 degrees, mostly sunny, less humid. man, only if we had the orioles game. that would be something weather wise. when we get it here sunday it won't be quite that good. 58 tomorrow night. let's check the outlook. that front comes in. a much cooler day in the upper 50s. you talk about a change. conditions will begin to slowly warm back up and we could get back to the 70-degree mark by wednesday. in the meantime quite the dip -- 80's the last few days. 80's tomorrow. i -- looks like more morning showers, perhaps by the first pitch, coming,. >> that's the way to think. >> you know it's coming.
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>> that's the way to think. >> i'm with you. i'm with you. >> one person here is on the fence. got to convince him. >> coming up scary moments for a new jersey family of six after their apartment goes up in flames. >> how the neighbors came to their help. and a strange incident inside a florida police department after a man showed up with a machete in his hand.
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. right now police are searching for a man accused of attacking a woman and stealing her i-phone. it happened during rush hour at the subway station in the west village. police say when she wouldn't give it up the suspect threw her against the wall until she fell. he left with her phone. police are looking for him.
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we have scary moments for a new jersey family after they jumped from a burning building. it was caught on video as neighbors rushed to catch them. it started in newark around 12:30 this morning. a 17-year-old and her family had to -- had just moved in. >> i opened up the door and it was like a lot of smoke, i couldn't cement i said don't -- don't -- you stay right here and i will crawl and go and open up the door for everybody. on -- the only way out was the window and she said no, and i said i will help you and i will help everybody and i jumped up that window and landed on the -- and i fell out right here. >> the building does not have any fire escapes. investigators say it's not clear if the owner was at fault. they believe the fire was started by a candle in the bathroom. here is a guy walking in to the fort myers police department but he has a machete. he asked to speak to an officer
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and then sat down and two officers came through the door and saw he had the machete. he stands up and starts swinging at them with it. police jumped into action and quickly took him down. happier news. rush hour a little harry for drivers in south florida. that is an australian bird showed up to stop the traffic. taco the 4-year-old emu waske looking for a mate. it seems he is interested in everything and everybody. deputy has no idea what to do with him. they tried to get him off the road. that didn't work. another motorcycle arrived that too was a mistake. finally his owner was able to get him off the road by throwing a towel over his head. is he now in a tub soaking in epsom salts. >> hopefully he didn't spit on anybody. >> all right. another fire damages several buildings in fell's point.
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>> neighbors say it's happening more often. >> and the people behind the ronald mcdonald house and how they help families during their toughest times. >> i like it. back on the weather front skies starting to clear from west to east. the forecast for the weekend coming up. ts that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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. one marylander is among the five people killed in a meningitis out beam. all the victims got steriod injections for back pain and we spoke to the maryland mental health and hygeine department who said there are possibly more cases. >> we think hundreds of patients y have received an injection and those cases are currently under investigation. >> and a man is in police custody at this hour charged
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with kidnapping. police say that the 29-year-old justin gormon kidnapped the employee because he thought he was shorted over a scrap metal delivery. his bond has been set at $250,000. . >> 74 down to the south in howard county as well. the frontal boundary pushing west to east. clearing the skies, sparked a few rain showers, earlier today through much of the state but now that is done. skies starting to clear from west to east. brief sun before this early sunset this evening. hour by hour forecast e over ni dryer conditions moving in. less humid. a cool, crisp start. that will lead to a fantastic
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friday. we will detail that and look at the big change for sunday. >> we have update on the breaking news we have been following out of fell's point. they had another large fire. >> john harrison went to the neighborhood to find why people think the fires popping up. >> reporter: shortly after 5:30 this morning fell's point woke up to the sound of a two alarm fire. baltimore city firefighters battled this blaze for almost two and a half hours to bring it under control. firefighters had to change tactics because of the dangerous situation. >> got up to the third floor. we are trying to find the fire.


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